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Library Notice

The Library would like to update you on the following services to support your teaching and facilitate your students' learning in the coming term.

  1. Online Reading Lists on Course Readings @ Library
  2. Course Reserves
  3. Tailor-Made Workshops for Your Courses
  4. Purchase Recommendations

1. Online Reading Lists on Course Readings @ Library

Online Reading Lists for 2023/24 Term 2 are available on Course Readings @ Library now. There are 2 easy ways to access the online reading lists:

  • Search the course code or course name under the "Course Readings @ Library" tab on the Library homepage.

If this service does not cover your course (e.g. new or postgraduate courses), we welcome requests for creating the corresponding reading lists. Please send an email to to initiate the process.

💡 Course instructors could manage and update the reading lists by yourselves and share the suggested reading materials with your students. You may learn more about this service here

For any assistance, you are always welcome to contact the Library Liaison for assistance.

2. Course Reserves

Course Reserves facilitate students’ accessibility to course-related resources.

For course-related items, such as books and AV materials, teaching staff can make requests to the Library for placing them into the Course Reserves to facilitate the access by students. You can make the request via the following ways:

If the course-related material is not available in the Library, you are also welcome to make a purchase recommendation.

3. Tailor-Made Workshops for Your Courses

In addition to providing Library workshops (upcoming workshops) on different topics for all students, the Library encourages teaching staff to collaborate with us in organising Tailor-Made Workshops for your students. The scope of workshops can cover the following items:

  • Citation knowledge (e.g. Citation Management Tools)
  • Information searching skills for assignments (e.g. 1-Search search techniques)
  • Subject-specific databases

You are welcome to send an email to OR contact your Library Liaison to request Tailor-Made Workshops to fulfil your teaching needs.

4. Purchase Recommendations

Last but not least, the Library welcomes your purchase recommendations for courses, research, and Good Reads to enrich the collection for the benefit of all staff and students. Please send us recommendations by filling in the online form.

Lingnan University Library
12 January 2024