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Library Notice

When the study and research materials you are looking for are not available at Lingnan University Library, eligible Lingnan staff and students can request the materials from other libraries using this HKALL and Partners service.

Hong Kong Academic Library Link (HKALL) enables users to request and check out items held by other UGC-funded university libraries. For physical and digital items that cannot be requested and checked out from HKALL libraries, Lingnan University Library helps source materials in other local and overseas partner libraries.

Place a Request

Always start your search at our 1-Search platform. If the item is held by the Lingnan University Library, you can access it online or check out the physical item.

If the item is not available in our Library, you may click “Expand your search to HKALL and Partners” to expand the search to cover holdings of HKALL and other local and overseas partner libraries. Place a request for either a physical book or a chapter/article in digital format.

For items that can be requested via HKALL, press the Request button at the bottom of "Request a physical copy?" block. Physical copy may take time in delivery and transit, you can press the Request button at the bottom of "Request a digital chapter  / digital copy?" block to opt for digital requests.

Please fill in all the details you have (volume, chapter title, number, page numbers, etc.) and press Send to make a request.

In case the item you are looking for cannot be located in the 1-Search platform, you may fill in Request Form by clicking ‘Didn’t find what you need? Library staff is pleased to help”.

To aid our colleagues and partners in searching for the item, make sure all the information is filled in accurately and in detail. Please note that ISBNs and ISSNs are especially helpful for locating the resources. Please contact the Library staff for assistance in placing and managing requests. We are pleased to help.

Checkout and Download

- Digital Articles/Chapters

Digital journal articles and book chapters are delivered subject to partners’ turnaround time, usually shorter than the physical requests. The digital requests file can be downloaded from your Library Account or the link provided in the notification email. Due to copyright restrictions, please view and download the item within the designated time (max 5 times within 2 weeks).

- Physical Items 

Physical copies from HKALL libraries are delivered in approximately 5 working days, subject to partners’ turnaround time. Requests for books in other local libraries normally take 1 to 2 weeks, whereas overseas requests normally require 1 to 3 months.

When the item is available, you will receive an email. Requested items can be picked up at the Service Counter before the expiry date for checkout. Staff can request the Library to deliver the requested library materials to their Department's General Office within the University by using the Office Delivery Service.

The check out time for requested materials is dependent on your user group and the partner libraries' policies. Please note that some materials cannot be checked out from Lingnan University Library at the request of the lending library. These items can only be reviewed in-library.

Users can make more informed decisions about their requests based on their needs, delivery time and format of the requested items, for example, between receiving a digital book chapter quickly or waiting longer to receive the whole book.

Track and Manage Requests

- Track and Cancel

Check your Library Account under ‘My Requests’ for request status; and article and book chapter downloads. You are advised to constantly keep track of the request status via email updates and Library Account. If you no longer need an item that you requested, please cancel the request as soon as possible in your Library Account.

If the item is not available from the lending library, or if its length exceeds the copyright limit, the request may be rejected and cancelled.

Sometimes, lending libraries may recall items. These items must be returned immediately. You will see the updated due date in emails and your Account.

- Renewal

Similar to all Library checkouts, renewals can be made in the Library Account under ‘My Requests’. Place a renewal request at least 3 working days before the due date.

As the use of HKALL and other requested items is bound by the partner libraries’ policies and system settings, not all requested items are renewable. If a renewal is approved, you will receive an email with the updated due date. If a renewal is not approved, you will be asked to check in the item.

Privileges and Quota

Please note that request and checkout quotas for the HKALL books are shared with the checkout quota of Lingnan Library materials. Details can be found in Checkout Privileges. To ensure equity of access, the use of other libraries’ resources is bound by a quota system.

  HKALL / Other Local Partners Overseas Partners
  Books Book Chapters /
Journal Articles
Books Book Chapters /
Journal Articles
Academic /
Research Staff /
Postgraduate Students
Yes Yes Yes
(conditions may apply)
Non-Academic Staff /
Undergraduate Students
(for HKALL)
(conditions may apply)
No Yes
(conditions may apply)

The Library reserves the right to charge for expensive items obtained from overseas libraries. In those circumstances, the user will be notified before the request proceeds.

Copyright Restrictions

The use of materials through resources sharing services must comply with the copyright laws of Hong Kong.   All items requested through HKALL and Partner services must be used for purposes of research or private study only. Excessive downloading and photocopying, as well as redistribution of the materials, are prohibited. Please refer to our info page for more about copyright restrictions in this area. 

Partnership Lending Service for Local and Overseas Libraries 

To support resource sharing in the academic libraries and other library communities, Lingnan University Library provides books, and journal articles/book chapters scanning services to local and overseas libraries, government departments/agencies and authorised/registered organisations with or without reciprocal agreements. Please refer to the Service Guidelines for more details.