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Library Notice
  • Library users should report any loss or damage of the library materials to the Library immediately by filling this Online Form.
  • Users are held responsible for any loss, mutilation, damage or disfigurement of their borrowed items. A charge will be made for any library materials at an amount equal to:
    1. the amount for the replacement of the lost / damaged library materials;
    2. plus a surcharge of HK$100 processing fee; and
    3. any accumulated overdue charge for the lost library materials.
  • If the cost of replacement cannot be verified (e.g. gift or out of print title), a uniform book fee of HK$500 will be charged for each lost / damaged library material.
  • All damaged library materials shall remain vested in the properties of the University. You are not allowed to keep the damaged library materials after settling the replacement charges.
  • The replacement charges should be settled at the Service Counter.