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Library Orientation Programmes aim to introduce the services, resources and facilities provided by the Library to all new comers in the Lingnan University, including staff and students.

For New Staff

Library Orientation is offered to any new staff member of the University, as part of the Staff Orientation programme offered by the Human Resources Office. Through the orientation workshop and library tours, new academic staff would be able to meet the library liaison of the respective department, to understand more about the library resources and services for their teaching and research needs.

The Library Orientation for new staff will be normally held before the start of Term 1. If any academic staff would like to have an individual library tour to understand more about library services and facilities to support his/her research and teaching, please contact your Library Liaison for arrangement.

You may download the Powerpoint Presentation for New Staff Orientation 2020 here.

For New Students

Orientations for New Students will be arranged at the beginning of the new term every year. Students would be able to familiarize themselves with major library services and facilities that can support their learning throughout the university life.

This year, all student orientations are held online. You are welcome to view the following introductory video to grasp more understanding of the key library services.

English version:
Chinese version:

For more in-depth understanding of our Library resources, services and facilities, please view this video-recording (Lingnan login required).

Request for Library Tour

The Library is pleased to arrange a library tour for a group of at least 10 students upon request. Please contact the Library for details.