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Library Notice

Copyright is the right given to the owner of an original work. It is an automatic right which arises when a work is created. Unlike other intellectual property rights (such as patents, trademarks and industrial designs), it is not necessary to register a copyright in Hong Kong. Copyright does not protect ideas, but the expression or product of ideas. To know more about copyright, please visit this web page: Copyright - Key Facts to Know, and these useful links:

Lingnan University respects copyright and other intellectual property rights as enforced in Hong Kong and urges its staff and students to comply with the copyright laws as far as possible. All Library’s collections (both electronic and print) are protected by copyright. Any person who wants to do an act restricted by copyright in a work will need to obtain permission from the owner. Otherwise, his act will be a copyright infringing act attracting civil and in some cases criminal liability.

To avoid infringing the copyright laws in Hong Kong, some useful information about copyright and its implication in teaching, learning and scholarly publishing are provided below: