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Library Notice

3D scanner is a device to capture the size and shape of a physical object, transforming it into a digital 3D model. Users can self-service and utilise the 3D Scanner in LU Barn on the M/F of the Library to convert objects into 3D models for different purposes on a first-come first-serve basis. Interested users may download the 3D Scanner software on their own laptops and connect to the 3D Scanner at LU Barn for using the device.

Scanner Specifications 

Model Matter and Form 3D Scanner V2
Optics HD CMOS sensor, Class 1 eye-safe lasers x2
Maximum Object Size Maximum 180 (W) x 180 (L) x 250 (H) mm
Maximum Object Weight 3kg
Resolution  0.1mm
Output files format  STL, OBJ, PLY, XYZ
Software MFStudio
User Manual  Download Here

Scanning & User Rules

Users can scan objects on a self-service basis by following the video guide and the User Manual.

Eligible Users: Staff and Student
  • There is no charge to use 3D scanner provided by the LU Barn.
  • All eligible users should bring their laptops to download the 3D Scanner software and operate.
  • Unless otherwise approved by the Librarian, the 3D scanner is used by eligible users for educational and non-commercial purposes only.
  • Users are responsible for any damages to the equipment in LU Barn.
  • Users should not leave when using the 3D scanner.
  • The size of the scan objects must lie within the scale and proportion assigned by the library.
  • When using the 3D scanner to scan copyrighted works, users must comply with Copyright Law. For more details, please refer to Photocopy, Print or Scan Copyrighted Works.