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Library Notice

As revision week and examinations are approaching, the Library anticipates a high demand for study areas in the coming weeks. We would like to let you know the special arrangements in the coming few weeks and highlight our services:

1. ⛔ Limited Access Arrangement for JULAC Student Card Holders (15 Apr - 16 May 2024)

Library always prioritizes the needs of our staff and students. During the above-mentioned period, we will limit the entry of JULAC Student Card Holders from other universities. We hope to alleviate the demand for study areas during the anticipated period of high usage of Lingnanians.

2. ✅ Overnight Access to Postgraduate Research Carrels (15 Apr - 16 May 2024)

To facilitate postgraduates' and staff’s studies and use during the revision week and examinations period, the Postgraduate Research Carrels will provide overnight access. Eligible users can book via the Rooms / Facilities Booking System, while user quotas still apply.

3. 🫶 Always Be Considerate: NO Occupation of Seats with Personal Belongings and Other Items

Have you experienced difficulties in looking for a seat in the Library a found the seats occupied with someone's personal belongings? Please be considerate and free the study area for other users when you are away.💡You are reminded to take your belongings with you ALL THE TIME.

The Library is a space shared by the whole Lingnan Community. If you leave your personal belongings unattended in the public area of the Library, anyone shall remove or take away them without you knowing😨!

If your belongings are found missing, you shall try searching the area and approach us for further assistance at the Service Counter during our regular Opening Hours.

4. ✍️ Examination Database and Library Collections

Examination Database is a collection of electronic copies of the examination papers of Undergraduate (UG) courses. Please do make good use of these resources and other Library collections to prepare for your examinations. (Please note some of the papers may be withheld at the request of lecturers of the courses or may not be offered in a particular academic term/year.)

We wish you good luck with your examinations. Should you have any enquiries, please contact the Library at Thank you for using the library facilities and services.

Lingnan University Library
9 April 2024