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Library Notice

To provide our staff and students with additional space for your overnight study after Library has closed, the Library is pleased to announce the extension of the overnight access area with a new computer room connected to the Late Reading Room. Public PCs, iMacs, Library-Use-Only Database Workstations, and Special Educational Needs (SEN) equipment are provided to meet the learning needs of students. Colour and B&W Multi-Function Printer (MFP) are available for printing, copying and scanning.

In addition, 14 Postgraduate Research Carrels are designated to meet the research needs of postgraduate students. Eligible users (Research Postgraduates, Taught Postgraduates and Staff) can book the carrels through the Rooms / Facilities Booking System and use them up to 30 minutes before the Library closes. This service is launched as a pilot run. We will closely monitor it according to users' needs.

Please be reminded that

  • Only current Lingnan staff and students are eligible to use the Late Reading Room and the 2 Computer Rooms after the Library closes. 
  • Eligible users can use the Entrance on 1/F for entering and leaving the Late Reading Room. 
  • Seats are available in the area on a first-come-first-serve basis. 
  • The area would be closed for cleaning every day before the Library reopens. All users are required to leave the Library during the closing time with their personal belongings. After cleaning, the area and other parts of the Library would be reopened to users. 
  • Always be considerate to others, the Rooms are for quiet study. No food or drink, and no loud discussion are allowed. 
  • Security guards are stationed outside the Room to patrol the study area regularly for users’ safety during nighttime. 
  • All Library users are reminded to observe the Library Regulations

Full details are available on the Late Reading Room page.  

We hope you enjoy this extended area and facilities for your overnight study. Any feedback to is welcome.

Lingnan University Library 
8 March 2023