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Library Notice

Prohibiting Excessive Downloading / Usage Restrictions on Library E-Resources

The Library-subscribed electronic resources are protected by copyright law, excessive downloading is strictly prohibited, and users should also respect certain usage restrictions imposed by publishers.

© The library-subscribed electronic resources are only provided for authorized users of the Lingnan University.
© Complying with the copyright regulations, users may download, save, or print a reasonable portion of text, search results, or other information from these resources solely for research or private study purposes.
© Altering, recompiling, systematic, programmatic or continuous downloading / copying / printing, reselling, redistributing, or republishing of any journal text, output, search results, or other information in any form or medium is explicitly prohibited.
© Some publishers, such as Springer Nature, prohibit the use of their content in connection with generative artificial intelligence systems. Users are reminded to review the AI usage clause in the Library 1-Search before utilizing any content with such systems and ensure your act is complied with the publisher’s requirements.

© The entire content of the journals, books or databases are protected by the copyright law.
© Users are reminded that they are fully responsible for any legal consequences arising from excessive downloading or infringement of applicable copyright laws.