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Library Notice

Examination Database is a collection of electronic copies of the examination papers of Undergraduate (UG) courses. The examination papers provided in the Examination Database can only be accessed by the current staff and students of the Lingnan University for their private study or research purposes only.  You can search the examination database by using the Course Code or Course Title in the search box below. 

 Please note that the “Examination Papers Policy” made by the Senate of the University below:

The Senate at its May 2017 meeting resolved that except for Multiple Choice (MC) questions or questions of similar type (e.g. True/False questions), all examination questions should be made available at the Library with effect from Term 2, 2016-17. Nevertheless, academic units have the discretion to make examination papers of MC questions or questions of similar type available at the Library. To provide flexibility to academic units, academic units shall submit examination papers for sharing at the Library for at least three recent academic years and they have the discretion to decide the exact number of years of examination papers to be put at the Library. 

Some of the examination papers may not be found in the Examination Database due to the following reasons:  

  • The examination papers have been withheld or embargoed at the request of the lecturers of the courses; 
  • The examination papers of the course is not offered in the particular term/year.