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Room Booking System



To reserve a room using the Room Booking System, please go to:
(If you are off-campus, please log in to ITSC VPN service prior to access the booking system. Detailed instructions for setting up the ITSC VPN service is available at:
Room reservation rules (e.g. the reservation quota per day / per week) can be found at:

Instructions for Reserving a Room via the Room Booking System:

  • Collaborative Workroom Video guide
  • Faculty and Postgraduate Study Room / Individual Study Room Video guide


Step 1

Enter your lingnan email login name and password             

Step 2

Click make new booking

Step 3

Please fill in event name

Step 4

Select booking purpose

Step 5


Step 6

Discussion room requires more than one user for booking


Type in id

Step 7

Select the date and time

Step 8

Select the room

Step 9

Click the search button to find a room

Step 10

Click the next button to go to the next booking page


Click the modify button to modify the booking

Step 11

Read the disclaimer message


Acknowledgement message prompted

View My Bookings

Step 1

Click view my bookings from the booking menu

Step 2

Your room booking record will be displayed

Cancel My Booking

Step 1

Click the cancel booking button

Step 2

Click the ok button to confirm canceling the booking

Step 3

The updated room booking will be displayed