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Library Liaison Programme


To enhance communication and facilitate partnership between the Library and faculty staff, the Library Liaison Programme is established to provide support to faculty staff in different areas.


A library liaison is a staff member designated as the formal contact person between the Library and a specific academic department. The primary role of a liaison is to foster communication between the library and the academic programmes. The liaison is therefore expected to understand the information needs of his or her academic department and to represent those needs within the library. At the same time, the liaison is expected to be fully knowledgeable about library resources and services so as to represent these activities effectively to his or her academic department/s.

Since no two academic departments are exactly the same, no two library liaison assignments are exactly the same. On top of that, library programme depends upon the support and cooperation from many areas of the library. With understandable variations, services listed below are just the suggested services, and may vary with different needs for support and cooperation.



  • Learn the working and information needs of assigned department/s
  • Participate in the necessary departmental meetings of assigned department/s
  • Schedule meetings with department staff
  • Provide new staff orientation
  • Send library policy and other informational emails
  • Participate in the liaison librarian meeting

Teaching, Learning and Research Support

  • Develop subject knowledge in assigned liaison librarian area/s
  • Develop programme specific library instructions
  • Conduct course-integrated instruction
  • Maintain library subject resources page for the department
  • Perform email, telephone, and in-person subject-specific reference
  • Provide basic in-depth research consultations
  • Perform mediated searches
  • Help to set up subject alerts
  • Work closely with assigned department/s for any co-organize events with the library

Collection Development

  • Pass along acquisition requests from users
  • Keep relevant statistics and annual report
  • Work closely with assigned department/s on collection development and management
  • Assist with and/or place items on reserve

Scholarly Communication Services

  • Participate in college or programme curriculum committee
  • Act as library representative on academic unit committees
  • Coauthor articles or grants with academic faculty
  • Perform services to support grants
  • Search citations to help prepare tenure and promotion packets

Library Contacts for Academic Departments / Programmes