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Interlibrary Loan Policy


What is Interlibrary Loan Services (ILL)?

Eligible users of Lingnan University Library may request items that are not available in the Library through the Interlibrary Loan Services for purposes of research or private study.


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Who may use the Services?

The ILL is offered to all staff, postgraduates and UGC-funded undergraduate students of the University.


What is the ILLiad?

ILLiad is an online Interlibrary Loan system that provides the following services:

  1. Submit your online ILL request at anytime
  2. Buildup your personal information that can be modified by you when necessary
  3. Receive and print the electronic article
  4. Check the latest processing status of your request
  5. View your request history to avoid duplicate submission
  6. This service is offered to all staff, postgraduates and UGC-funded undergraduate students of the University


What can be requested?

Lingnan University                

User Groups

Journal articles from UGC libraries Books from UGC libraries  Books not available at UGC libraries Journal articles not available at UGC libraries Max. no. of requests (all types combined) in one term 
Staff Yes Yes Yes Yes 100
Postgraduate students               


Yes Yes Yes Yes 100
Final Year students                


Yes Yes Yes Yes 10
Non-Final Year students                            


Yes No Yes Yes 10
Postgraduate students                         

(Non UGC-funded)

Yes Yes No Yes 10
Lingnan University                       

Self-funded students

Yes No No Yes 10


Are there any Copyright Restrictions?

All items provided by ILL must be used for purposes of research or private study only.

All Interlibrary Loan Services must comply with the copyright laws of Hong Kong. Therefore, we cannot accept requests for items like more than one chapter or ten percent of a book. In those circumstances, we shall arrange for an Interlibrary Loan of the book.

When an item is supplied by photocopy, a maximum of ten percent of the book / journal will be supplied. In addition, only one article in the same issue of a journal can be photocopied and supplied to you and to whom you work or study with.

The Lingnan University Library reserves the right to refuse any particular Interlibrary Loan request on grounds of copyright violations.


How long will it take?

Requests for book loan available in local libraries will normally take 1-2 weeks to fulfill; overseas requests will normally require 2-4 weeks. Users will be notified when the requested items arrive.


How much does it cost?

Normally, we do not charge for Interlibrary Loan Services. However, the Library reserves the right to charge for expensive items obtained from overseas. In those circumstances, the user will be notified before we proceed to obtain the item.


How do I make a request?

For staff, postgraduates and final year students:

Interlibrary loan requests can be made either online through the ILLiad (restricted to Lingnan access) or by filling out an application form and returning it in person, by campus mail or by fax (2616-5514).

For Non-Final Year UGC-funded students requesting overseas book loan:

Please fill in an application form and return it to the Library. The application form is available online in PDF format.



For questions, please call 2616-8582 or send email to Interlibrary Loan Services.