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Get Started Guide for New Students - Library Facilities & Services


3. Library Facilities & Services


Audio Visual Equipment

A variety of VCD, DVD, Blu-ray disc, video and cassette tape players and HDTVs (high definition televisions) are available at the MLLC (Multimedia and Language Learning Centre) on the 2/F North. No prior booking of equipment is necessary.

Multimedia Booths

Professional AV and editing equipment is available at the IC (Chiang Chen Information Commons) on the 1/F South for study and production purposes.

Reservation can be made online at:

Study Rooms, Collaborative Workrooms & MLLC Rooms

Rooms available for booking include:

  • 5 Individual Study Rooms on the 1/F
  • 4 Collaborative Workrooms on the 1/F IC
  • 2 Collaborative Workrooms on the 1/F Reading Room
  • 2 MLLC Rooms on the 2/F

Reservation can be made online at:

Notebook Computers for Borrowing

Notebook computers are available for borrowing at the Circulation Counter.


Octopus Network Scanners (Scan to Email/USB) are available at:

  • 1/F IC and Reading Room
  • 2/F MLLC and Serial Collections
  • 3/F

Desktop Scanners are available at:

  • 1/F IC: Express Scanning Stations (Scan to Email/USB)
  • 2/F MLLC: HP Scanjet G4010 (Scan to USB only)
  • 3/F: HP Scanjet G4010 (Scan to USB only)

Kyocera  Scanners (Scan to USB) are available at:

  • 1/F Photocopier room (South)
  • 1/F Reading Room
  • 1/F Old Newspapers Reading Room
  • 2/F Serial Collections
  • 3/F North

Network Printing

Octopus Network Printers are available in the Library.

Charges for Octopus Printing:

  • A4 B&W: $0.3 per page
  • A4 Colour: $2.5 per page
  • A3 B&W: $0.6 per page
  • A3 Colour: $5 per page


Octopus Card-operated photocopiers are available on all floors of the Library. Users should comply with the Copyright Ordinance (The Laws of Hong Kong SAR Cap 528) when making copies of any library materials.

Charges for photocopying:

  • A4 B&W: $0.3 per page
  • A4 Colour: $2.5 per page
  • A3 Colour: $5 per page
B & W single-side duplex (Kyocera) duplex (Panasonic)
A4 $0.3 per page $0.6 per sheet $0.6 per sheet
A3 $0.6 per page $1.2 per sheet $1.2 per sheet
Colour single-side duplex (Fuji-Xerox)
A4 $2.5 per page $4.0 per sheet
A3 $5.0 per page $8.0 per sheet

Wireless LAN

Wireless LAN is available anytime on all levels of the Library. See this page for more information.


Conveniently located on the 1/F, the Cafe is equipped with comfortable sofa seats, beverage vending machines, magazines and newspapers for leisure reading. 

Mobile phone is also allowed here.

Please note that eating is prohibited in all areas of the Library.



The Hong Kong Academic Library Link (HKALL) provides a platform for students and faculty members from any UGC-funded tertiary institution to search its library discovery tool which allows access to 11 million locally-owned Library materials.

Start making direct requests for books from the 8 UGC-funded libraries by searching HKALL at:

Interlibrary Loan Services

Interlibrary Loan Services (ILL) are provided to all staff, postgraduates and UGC-funded undergraduate degree students of the University.

Visit the Interlibrary Loan page for more details:

English Self-access Programmes

The CEAL (Centre for English and Additional Languages) organizes the Speaking Assistance Programme (SAP) and Reading Assistance Workshop (RAP), with the Visiting English Tutors of CEAL will be on duty regularly in Room1 of MLLC (2/F of the Library) to hold workshops for students to practice their English.

RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds keep you alert to the most updated news and changes in the Library or the Library website. Subscribe the Library's RSS Channels at:

Visit this page for more details:

Access to Other UGC-funded Libraries

UGC-funded undergraduate degree students can apply for renewable JULAC Library

Reader’s Cards from CityU, CUHK, EdUHK, HKU, HKUST and PolyU library separately. For application details, please refer to:

UGC-funded undergraduate degree students can present his/her Lingnan UID Card to access Baptist University Library.

Getting Help?

Feel free to contact us via:

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