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Survey Instructions of LIBQUAL+® Library Survey 2015


Survey Instructions

  • Please turn off any advertising or pop-up blockers when taking the survey as they may prevent the questions from appearing on your computer screen.
  • Your confidentiality of all personal information in this survey is assured.
  • Questions #1 to #22 of the survey ask you the minimum level you would accept, the most you would want, and your opinion of how far the Library is above or below either of those scales.  Question #23 to #38 ask for your opinion on the information literacy and research support services that the Library provides, as well as on demographic information.

  (For CC and LIFE students who are studying Associate Degree, Diploma Programme or Higher Diploma Programme, please select ‘Non-degree’ from the ‘Position’ in Question #38.)

  • The last question of the survey allows you to fill in your Lingnan email address, if you wish to enter a lucky draw for a chance of winning fabulous prizes (Click HERE to see the list of lucky draw prizes).

  • 請關上阻擋廣告或快顯視窗的軟件或設定,它們可能妨礙題目在電腦屏幕上出現。
  • 是次問卷調查所收集的個人資料將被保密。
  • 問卷的第1至22條問題將會了解你對圖書館服務可以接受的最低水平,你所期望的最高水平及你認為圖書館超越或距離上述兩項有多遠。
  • 正在社區學院修讀副學士、文憑或高級文憑課程的同學,請在第38條問題「個人資料」一欄選擇「非學位課程」。
  • 如你希望參加是次問卷調查的抽獎,請於問卷的最後一條問題塡上你的嶺南大學電郵地址。有關獎品詳情可參閱這裡。