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Will and Determination (10 Jul 2008)


Producer: Boris Fan; When we focus on the Beijing Olympics, the Paralympic Games following the Olympics may be overlooked. People have a misconception about the Paralympics, considering it a time-killing sporting event for the disabled. In fact, it is not true. There are various events in the Paralympics demanding intelligence and strengths. The disabled athletes also highly value the Games just like the able-bodied people as the Games change their values and goals. Leung Yuk Wing and Vivian Lau are boccia partners of the Hong Kong team. They both suffer from muscular dystrophy. But the disability doesn ’ t diminish their enthusiasm about sports. Leung is currently the world No.1 player in BC4 level. He won a gold medal in the Athens Paralympic Games. He also won a gold medal in the two-person team with his partner Lau. Lau has less experience. But she also won a bronze medal with Leung in the 2006 World Boccia Championships. Although the two athletes are confined in doing certain activities, their professionalism makes the atmosphere of the match no difference from any other matches. The training base plays an important role in training their perseverance. The Paralympic Management Center in Shunyi District, Beijing is one of the biggest training bases for the disabled athletes. Swimming and goalball athletes are training in the base. Physical disabilities do not disturb any swimmers. Their goals are the same, to win gold medals in the Paralympics. There are sounds coming from the goalball stadium. A group of blind athletes are competing. Goalball is a unique event in the Paralympics. The athletes wear goggles and score in the opponent ’ s net. Keepers have to find the ball with the ring and catch it. It needs high concentration. Another competitive game is wheelchair basketball. It requires teamwork and athletes have to work well with their wheelchair during the game. The team comprises of teammates in various levels of disability. The sound cracked during the game is just as loud as the cheers from the audience. The 2008 Wheelchair Basketball International Invitational Tournament held in January in Beijing was the last test match. Teams from Canada, Germany, Australia, Netherlands and Japan came to the National Indoor Stadium for aggressive matches. After the matches, people will no longer call these great athletes "underprivileged".

Glamour of sports: Events capital
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Thursday, July 10, 2008
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