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Who's Gonna Love Me? (23 Sep 2008)


Human activities have caused a variety of damage to our ocean. For example, the rubbish left behind by eco-tour visitors; ghost nets abandoned by trawlers; the invasion of foreign sea creatures due to religious release. These factors have all caused adverse impacts on our marine environment. Recently, a massive ghost net of one kilometre in length was found between Sharp Island and Ngau Mei Chau in New Territories East. The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department estimates that up to 1,100 tonnes of sea creatures become entangled by ghost nets every year.On the seabed, divers can easily find rubbish that comes from the land. The rubbish ranges from plastic bags, water bottles to even washing machines, tires, and cars. These foreign objects not only destroy the corals, but also damage the habitats of many sea creatures.Horseshoe crabs are among the most acutely endangered species in Hong Kong.There are altogether four species of horseshoe crabs worldwide. Hong Kong once recorded three of them, but only two have remained since the 1980s. Even the population of horseshoe crabs in the wild has dropped by 90% in recent years.In this episode, we will explore ways and what we can do to protect our ocean.Producer: Lee Siu-shan Production Units: Ocean Sky Diving Co. Ltd./ New Page Communications

Sea World Odyssey
Publish Date: 
Tuesday, September 23, 2008
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