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Welcome the Olympics, Hand in Hand (29 May 2008)


Producer   Canna Lum The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games are coming soon. Primary schools and parents in Beijing take this opportunity to embed the Olympic spirit at school and in daily life. The Beijing Olympic Education Standing Office has chosen over 200 Beijing schools and the same number of schools from all over the world to join the Heart-to-Heart International Partnership Program. The participating students in Beijing also take up the responsibility of welcoming the athletes from these countries, embodying a harmonious spirit. Huajiadi Experimental Primary School, one of the schools joining the program, has already started its cultural exchange activities with a Japanese school. Beijing Zhongguancun No.2 Primary School, another school in the program, has also prepared to visit its partner-school in Hong Kong. On the other hand, many parents also take this special opportunity to encourage their only child to take up sports, such as skiing or dancing, for training their will and cultivating their sportsmanship. “ I participate, I contribute and I enjoy ” , the slogan with which the Beijing citizens receive the Olympics, has also diffused into the special education for the deaf and the children with learning disabilities. Beijing Dongcheng District Special Education School has especially run the Olympic education programmes so that the students can also receive the Beijing Olympics joyously. Hong Kong is a co-host city for the Olympics equestrian events. A number of schools have also designed Olympic education programmes for students to experience the Olympics. These programmes also aim at enhancing national education and promoting the stories about Chinese athletes ’ strong perseverance, and thus, improving their adversity quotient.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008
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