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The Ultimate Battles (17 Jul 2008)


Producer: Rachel Luk; It seems not that easy to find enough space to organize large scale sporting events in Hong Kong. However, with the perseverance and flexibility of the people of Hong Kong, we have held quite a few international events in recent years. Furthermore, the Marathon and golf competitions in Hong Kong have become famous international events. From 1,000 in the first year to almost 50,000 in this year, the number of participants of the Hong Kong Marathon has been multiplying since 1997. The most talking point of the marathon is that the runners can run across the busy roads like Nathan Road, the Western Harbour Tunnel and the Tsing Ma Bridge. As one can imagine, to hold the contest safely for runners without causing traffic problems, the coordination among departments is essential. William Ko, Chairman of the Organising Committee believes that the cooperation between the police and the Transport Department in road blocking, the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department which cleans the road and the volunteers who supports the competitions in many ways are the key components of organizing a successful marathon. Since the competitions are held on a new route, some matches uses the Eastern Corridor. Surely it will be another success in the marathon. With a history of nearly half the century, the UBS Hong Kong Open is one of the major events in Asia. It attracts top players coming to Hong Kong every year. Jimmy Ko, a Hong Kong amateur golfer, has less opportunity in major overseas competitions. Fortunately, Hong Kong has this international golf competition for him to learn from the world elites. Another Hong Kong golf player James Wong takes this opportunity to explain the reality of the sport. As people consider golf as a less active sport, it, in fact, demands good physical fitness. With the UBS Hong Kong Open ’ s international status rising gradually, more and more people in Hong Kong will recognize the dynamic side of the sport. As the two competitions attract more and more attention, it enriches the colours of people ’ s life. It also helps flourishing Hong Kong ’ s sports culture.

Glamour of sports: Events capital
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Thursday, July 17, 2008
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