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More Activism for Democracy?; Night Shift Work and Health; US Election Primaries (11 Jan 2008)


Legislative councillor Albert Chan recently suggested that pro-democracy groups take a more activist approach to pushing for a quick pace of constitutional reform. This week he introduced a motion in Legco asking the council to condemn the CE's report to the NPCSC. On Sunday, a major pro-democracy march is scheduled. But with 70% of the public allegedly willing to accept the 2017 date, is there anything the democrats can still do? Will increased activism strength or weaken the democrats? A recent report from the International Agency for Research on Cancer of the World Health Organization suggested that, apart from other health problems, night shift work can contribute to the development of cancer. This week Wong Kwok-hing asks about this in Legco. We look at the health implications of night shift work in Hong Kong. In the United States' primaries, where each state decides who to back as their candidates to fight the presidential election in November twelve polls put democrat Barack Obama eight points ahead of Hillary Clinton to win New Hampshire, after his success in Iowa. Most political journalists said he was certain to win. In the end however, it was Ms Clinton that prevailed. For the Republicans, ordained Baptist minister Mike Huckabee won in Iowa, only to come third, in a poll won John McCain in New Hampshire. But there are plenty of states left, and the leadership races are far from over. So just how is the United States political landscape looking right now? Alan Seigrist of Republicans Abroad, and Andrew Green of Democrats Abroad, give us their insights and opinions.

The Pulse
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Friday, January 11, 2008
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