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Chief Executive Q & A in Legco; Public Radio Access and Technological Developments; Cruelty to Animals, Interview with Fiona Woodhouse of SPCA; Professor Paws Programme (18 Jan 2008)


The day before our broadcast, Chief Executive Donald Tsang attended his first question and answer session in Legco since the NPC's ruling on Hong Kong's political development. Predictably, the issue took up a large part of the session. But there were also questions on manipulation of pork prices, and freedom of speech issues were raised in questions about both Citizens' Radio, and the futures of Hong Kong's public broadcasting service, including RTHK. The proposed consultation, slated for release before the end of the month, is to be delayed. Another broadcasting group known for its sometimes critical comments about the government is facing legal threats. Last week a judge ruled that the Chief Executive's power over who could and couldn't broadcast, effectively infringed constitutional rights. While the government claims that technical limitations determine how many should be given access to our airwaves, the development of digital and internet radio could make those technical limitations a thing of the past. So is the real issue technical, or a desire to control the airwaves?

The Pulse
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Friday, January 18, 2008
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