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Behind the Chants (03 Jul 2008)


Producer   Terence YungMost people pay attention to a major sporting event during the weeks, days or even hours of the competitions. However, behind the scene, the organizers, athletes, coaches and referees have to work more than we can imagine. The Hong Kong Open Badminton Super Series attracts the top-ranked players from 23 countries and districts. They compete for the qualification to the Beijing Olympic Games. It is the first time for Hong Kong to hold such international event for badminton. It is a challenge for the Hong Kong Badminton Association. Chau Yat Kwong, the Honorary Secretary of HKBA is one of the key members of the organizer. He has to arrange the match schedule, venues and scoring system. He has to cooperate with foreign referees and introduce new technology into the game in order to reach international standard. The Association has tried a new scoring system by computers. Its website also releases the live score and let viewers stay closely to the game. The 2nd Tour of Hong Kong Shanghai is the first time to adopt a complete land route from Hong Kong to Shanghai. It is the first international cycling race across different provinces in the country. The Hong Kong Cycling Association has to work with the Hong Kong Government and other associations and departments in China to make sure everything goes right. The organizer also has to arrange holistic support, including water supply and first aid assistance for the event. A major sporting event needs cooperation. Let us appreciate the athletes as well as the people working behind the scene.

Glamour of sports: Events capital
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Thursday, July 3, 2008
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