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Library Notice

In view of the latest situation of COVID-19, the Library understands that some library users may encounter difficulties in checking in the library materials by the due date. At the same time, the Library has also recorded a lot more cases of non-return of the checked-out items, which impact the learning needs of other users. On the one hand, the Library strives to ensure equitable access to library materials, especially High Use books, Course Readings materials, and HKALL items hosted by other JULAC Libraries, and to encourage users to return their checked-out items by the due date. On the other, the Library considers that more allowance should be given to users to check-in and renew their library materials in the time of the pandemic. As such, the Library will implement the following measures with immediate effect:

1. More flexibility in extension of due date

Users should inform the Library via of the difficulties encountered before the due date. Considering the user’s track record and the reasons provided, the Library together with other JULAC Libraries (if applicable) will exercise discretion to extend the due date of LU and HKALL materials to a reasonable time.

2. More allowance in the temporary suspension of library privileges but more privileges will be suspended for non-returning of library materials

At present, a library account will be blocked from accessing the Library and no further checking out or renewal (including automatic renewal) will be allowed when it has any blocks or the fines have reached HK$5. With immediate effect, the accumulated fines limit $5 is relaxed to $30 or a 3rd overdue notice of a checkout item is issued (15th day from the due date) for temporary suspension of the user's library account and privileges.

However, the suspension includes all entitled library privileges, including checking out and renewal (including automatic renewal) of library materials, use of electronic resources, access to other Library resources through Interlibrary Loan and JULAC Libraries. These privileges will be released only when overdue fines have been settled and/or overdue items have been returned. In addition, to avoid long overdue and abusive use of the library materials, if the overdue items are not returned within 7 days after the issue of the 3rd overdue notice, they will be regarded as lost and users will be charged for the full cost of the loan items accordingly.

The measure implemented by the Library is summarised below.

In case one of the following criteria has been met Temporary Suspension of Library Privileges
Overdue Loans 3rd overdue notice is issued (15th day from the due date)
  • Access to the Library
  • Checkout
  • Renewal (including Automatic Renewal)
  • Use of electronic resources
  • Access to other Library resources through Interlibrary Loan and JULAC Libraries
Overdue Fines Accumulated library fines have reached $30

Users are welcome to return the checked out items through book drops, mail them back to the Library, and send cheque to settle outstanding library fines to the Library by mail at the following address if they cannot access the Library in person.

Access Services
Fong Sum Wood Library
Lingnan University
Tuen Mun

Please refer to the checkout privileges and Library Regulations on the Library website.

The Library will continue to review the situation of long overdue items and implement appropriate measures accordingly. Please be considerate in the use of library resources.

Should you have any enquiries, please contact the Library at Thank you for using the library services.

Lingnan University Library
23 March 2022