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Library Notice

The Library is excited to announce the opening of the new internal lift and the new mezzanine floor for public use today (1 August 2022). This opening also marks the completion of the renovation project phase 1, which has spanned through 6 years. Many parties have worked with us for this opening and the renovation. We sincerely thanked the hard work of the architect consultant team, the main contractor, CO and ITSC colleagues for the planning, coordination with different vendors and working parties, budgeting, monitoring of the construction work, the installation of various services and facilities, resolution of safety and other operational issues, and their close collaboration to complete this challenging task in times of COVID-19 pandemic. The most important is your patience and understanding. All library staff would like to say a big thank you to all users who bore with the noise and dust during renovation, and the inconvenience the delay has caused.

New space in M/F
Apart from the books LC Class HM-HM1101 that are shelved in the M/F of the Late Reading Room, there are 6 decks for users to access.

1. LU Barn – It is the space co-run with the Office of Service Learning (OSL), 3D printers and laser engraver have been installed in the area. Exciting activities and training will be provided in the new Term.
2. Incubation Zone – Again, it is the space that co-run with OSL for their team building for Robocon competition and other initiatives.
3. Design Thinking Zone – It would be an event /study space.
4&5.: Co-Learning Zone – This area is for private study. Study carrels and study tables have been installed to support different forms of study.
6. Postgraduate Lounge – This is a replacement for the Postgraduate Common Room on the 3/F to provide a quiet and cosy area for research and learning.

Update on 1/F

On 1/F, 4 new sound pods will be installed under the deck of the Postgraduate Lounge soon. They will be served as group study rooms and will be named as Group Study Room 1-4. As such, the existing Group Study Rooms on the 1/F and 2/F will be re-numbered.

We welcome your visit and hope you all enjoy the new space.

Best regards,
Lingnan University Library