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Liberal Arts Education: A Lingnan University Library Exhibition (Sept 2002)

Liberal Arts Education: A Lingnan University Library Exhibition    


Selected Materials from the Library Collection: [Selected WWW Links]

ASAIHL Seminar. 1999 ASAIHL Seminar : liberal arts education and socio-economic development in the next century, 27-29 May 1999. Hong Kong: Lingnan College, 1999. (LC1024.C6 A34 1999)

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 Lingnan University. Liberal arts education, engage the world  博雅教育, 懷抱天下. Hong Kong : Lingnan University, 2002.[videorecording] ([AVM] LG51.H545 L53 2002)

 Lingnan University. Lingnan University Annual Report 嶺南大學年報. Hong Kong : Lingnan University, 2001. ([REF] LG51.H545 A5)

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 李文海,石亞軍編著,《邁向新世紀的人文教育 : 文史哲人才培養與學科建設文集》, 北京:中國人民大學出版社,2000 (AZ183.C6 M35 2000)

 杜作潤,高烽煜,《大學論》,成都:四川教育出版社,2000 (LB2322.2 .D9 2000)

 金耀基,《大學之理念》,台北:牛津大學出版社,2000 (LB2325 .J55 2000)

 張楚廷,《大學人文精神構架》,長沙:湖南師範大學出版社,1996 (LB14.7 .Z4354 1996)

 郭為藩,《科技時代的人文教育》,台北:幼獅文化事業公司,1997 (LC1016 .G86 1997)

Selected WWW Links: [Selected Materials from the Library Collection]
 與校長真情對話:博雅 教育何去何從 (Lingnan Access Only) Video of 與校長真對話: 博雅教育何去何從         

 On the Purpose of a Liberal Arts Education (by Robert Harris)

 Liberal Arts Colleges as Preparation for a Career in Science (by Ronald B. Standler)

 The Consortium of Liberal Arts Colleges (CLAC)

 The American Academy for Liberal Education