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2018 Library User Satisfaction Survey



2018 Library User Satisfaction Survey Poster


2018 Library User Satisfaction Survey

Thank you very much for your participations in the 2018 Library User Satisfaction Survey. We are very pleased to let you know that there was a record high overall satisfaction score of 4.07 in a 5-points scale since the survey was conducted in 1997. It represented a 2.9% increase from the last year score. There were 262 respondents this year. The majority of respondents were full-time undergraduates (51.1%), followed by full-time postgraduates (12.6%). About 58% of the respondents live in the hostels. For the details of the respondent profile, please visit:

“Circulation Services” scored the highest 4.28 out of the 5-points scale followed by “Reference Services” score 4.18. “Circulation Services – Helpful” (4.32), “Circulation Service – Friendly” (4.32) and “Security” (4.31) were the top three of the individual items. “Journals & Magazines” (9.0%), “Individual Study Rooms” (8.6%), “E-Books(Chinese)” (8.4%) were the top three items with the biggest increase in score when comparing with score in 2017. Your comments and feedbacks are valuable for us to improve our services and maintain high quality of services to support teaching, learning and research activities.

For the details of the survey result, please visit:

1997-2018 Library User Satisfaction Survey Overall Satisfaction Mean Score (1-5, Least to Most)

2018 Library User Satisfaction Survey Satisfaction Mean Score (1-5, Least to Most)


Library Collections

The Library is committed to provide the best resources to support your teaching, learning and research needs. Both faculty and students are welcome to send us the books /AV materials recommendation, particularly before the start of a new term. In the nearest future, with the help of the new library system, we can notify users on their book recommendation order status. At the meantime, should you require a notification, please indicate it when making the recommendation. We continue to update our collections, for example, we recently acquired 民国时期期刊全文数据库 1911 – 1949 and 中国年鉴网络出版总库. The Library always values your comments on our collection, please contact us at:


Air Conditioning

The Library always aims to provide the best environment for our users. We noted that there are suggestions to lower the temperature on the 3/F. We have purchased several new thermometers to gather the temperature data and would work with the Facilities Management Division of the Comptroller’s Office to have a better control of the air conditioning in the library.


We know that a lot of students stay long hours in the library. Café is important to let them have the time of refreshment. We replaced the floor in the Café at the beginning of the term. It helps to keep the place cleaner as the material is easier for cleaning. We also will replace the chairs in the café in the coming summer in order to make the place more comfortable for you.


Many users suggested that we should have a lift inside the library. We are delighted to let you know that we will include the lift in our next renovation project. We will need your participations and suggestions in the project. We will keep you informed when there is more information available.


We know that library should be a “quiet” place and we tried our every effort to help our users to have such an environment. We hope the noise issue from the 1/F collaborative workrooms can be resolved when we have our next renovation project. At the meantime, please help us to keep the noise down and we will also deploy more staff to patrol and remind users.


We updated two printers with the function of using student account for printing in September 2017. We also installed two new express scanners with feeder function in the IC area. We certainly will keep reviewing and updating our equipment to facilitate your study and research in the library.

Once again, we must thank you for your support and written compliments to the Library. It’s encouraging and important to keep us motivated to improve our services. The Lingnan University is named as a top 10 liberal arts university in Asia. We sincerely wish that we can be your partner in learning, teaching and doing research in Lingnan community. As always, your comments are valuable to us to improve our services and please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any comments or suggestions:

Fong Sum Wood Library
Lingnan University
May 2018

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