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2017 Library User Satisfaction Survey



2017 Library User Satisfaction Survey Poster


2017 Library User Satisfaction Survey

Thank you very much for your participations in the 2017 Library User Satisfaction Survey.  We are delighted to let you know that we obtain the highest overall satisfaction score of 3.96 in a 5-points scale since the survey was conducted in 1997. There were 264 respondents this year. The major respondents were full-time undergraduates (50%), and followed by staff members (17%). Half of the respondents live in the hostels. For the details of the respondent profile, please visit:

“Circulation Services” scored the highest 4.2 out of the 5-points scale followed by “Reference Services” score 4.1. “Circulation Services – Helpful” (4.3), “Circulation Service – Friendly” (4.2) and “Lighting” (4.2) were the top three of the individual items. “Computing Equipment” (5.2%), “Photocopiers” (4.9%), “E-Books Chinese” (3.1%) were the top three items with the biggest increase in score when comparing with score in 2016. Your comments and feedbacks collected in previous surveys are valuable for us to improve our services and maintain high quality of services to support teaching, learning and research activities.

For the details of the survey result, please visit:

1997-2017 Library User Satisfaction Survey Overall Satisfaction Mean Score (1-5, Least to Most)

2017 Library User Satisfaction Survey Satisfaction Mean Score (1-5, Least to Most)


Library Equipment

Computing Equipment and Photocopiers were the top two items that had the biggest increase (5.2% and 4.9%) this year. We are happy to see very positive feedback in this area. We know that they are important facilities for our users particularly for students.  We have been constantly enhancing our services in this area.  For example, we upgraded all the computers in the IC areas and replaced new photocopiers in the past few years.  Two new Express Scanning Workstations with feeder function have been installed on 1/F IC area.  They can do double-side B&W or colour scanning and scanned pages can be sent to email and USB.

New Integrated Library System

In July, all of the 8 UGC libraries migrated their library’s system to a cloud based shared system. It is a brand new system that you can search for library resources, borrow materials, look up journal articles or request items via HKALL from other UGC libraries. We hope that the new system will let users have better searching experience by avoiding the duplication of searching different catalogues and databases.

New Circulation Services

Circulation is one of the most important services of the Library.  We are delighted that Circulation Services got the highest score again this year.  We have been working hard to improve our Circulation Services.  For example, two information panels were set up to keep you better informed of important information of the Library.  We will introduce a new “Book Holding” service aligning with the new Integrated Library System that allow users to hold a book even if it is available on bookshelf.  Once a request is received, our staff will pick up the book from bookshelf and put it on the “hold shelf” in the Circulation Counter where you can come to borrow within three days. You can now renew your ILL items in the ILL system(ILLiad).  You will receive an due date reminder email 7 days before the due date.  You can then login to the system and click the new “Renew Request” button to renew the items.  All these show our commitment to provide better services for our users. 

Opening Hours

We know that Library is one of the most favorable places for studying, relaxing, doing research, and so on.  We constantly review our opening hours as we know that it matters much to our users. We will extend our opening hours till 12:00am mid-night on Friday and 6:00pm on Sunday during the term.


We know that many students stay in the Library for long hours. Café is an important place for them to relax and refresh. We will replace the carpets in the Café to make it a refreshing new look. We hope that you have a good time there.

Reference Services- Information Literacy

We are delighted that “Reference Services – Friendly” and “Reference Services – Helpful” are on the top 10 highest score by items in the survey. Information Literacy has been the key service provided by the Reference team.  We are a member library of the Joint-university Libraries Information Literacy Project.  We partner with professors to design library workshops to teach students how to do research, evaluate and make the best use of the various reliable library resources. We believe that the knowledge learned is not only useful for their courses but also in their future study with the university and work after graduation.

As always, your comments are valuable to us to improve our services and please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any comments or suggestions:

Fong Sum Wood Library
Lingnan University
Jul 2017

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