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The 2005 Information Commons Survey Results


The 2005 Information Commons Survey Results


The 2005 Information Commons Survey was conducted from 13th to 19th October 2005. A total of 370 questionnaires were printed (350 in Chinese; 20 in English) and 109 were returned. The questionnaires were made available at the IC integrated helpdesk, IC workstations, collaborative workrooms, IC Cafe during the survey period.


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The survey result shows that 85% of respondents reported     


'Very Great' or 'Great' satisfaction with the IC. Over half of the students reported using it several times a week, usually staying one to three hours. Full-time undergraduates compose 55% of the users and AD and Pre-AD students 38%. Students like it for its environment, its convenience of use between classes, and for the library and IT support they can get there, almost equally divided between Library and ITSC staff. Detail analysis of the survey is provided below.


Q: Generally Speaking, to what extent are you satisfied with the facilities and services provided at the Information Commons?



Overall Satisfaction IC (n=104)


Q: How often do you use the Information Commons?     




How often using IC (n=108)


Q: How long do you usually stay in the Information Commons per visit?     




How long staying in IC per visit (n=108)


Q: What is your status?     




User Status (n=106)


Q: For Lingnan users, what is your Academic / Research Affiliation at Lingnan?     




Academic Affiliation (n=97)


Q: Which tools and services do you use most often at the Information Commons? (Please choose not more than 3 items)     


你最常用的是那一項資訊坊設施及服務呢? (請不要選多過三項)


Most Used IC Tools / Services (Choose up to 3 items)


Q: What do you like best about the Information Commons?     




Like Best About IC (Choose One item Only, n=106)


Q: What do you like least about the Information Commons?     




Like Least About IC (Choose One Item Only; n=62)


 Q: Why do you use the Information Commons? (You may choose more than one reason)     


你為什麼會使用資訊坊? (你可以選多於一項)


Major Reasons Using IC


Q: Have you ever asked for assistance at the Information Commons? If yes, you have been helped by:      


你曾經在資訊坊內請求協助嗎? 如果有,是那些人員提供的協助呢?


Ever Asked for Assistance (n=109)



For those who ever asked for assistance, whom do they asked (n=74; can get help from multiple categories)