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Milestones of IC Implementation



Services of the IC are implemented in two phases.  Services such as the Writing Tutorial Service and Integrated Helpdesk were launched in Term Two of 2004/05.  Other services of the IC such as the Collaborative Workrooms, dedicated furniture and equipment, new PCs and the Café are available from 1 September 2005. From 25 June 2007, the IC has been formally named Chiang Chen Information Commons.


Time Activities  
July - November 2004
  • Preliminary planning by the IC Working Group
  • Focus group interviews
  • Launch of the Writing Tutorial Service by ELEAC (October 2004) 

December 2004 - February 2005
  • Development Plan discussed and endorsed by the Information and Library Services Committee (ILSC)
  • Budget considered by the Resource Allocation Committee (RAC)
February - March 2005
  • Operational Plan developed by the IC Working Group
  • Focus group interviews
April - August 2005
  • Training of staff at the Integrated Helpdesk (early April 2005)
  • Set up a website of the IC and publicize it via email to staff and students (mid-April)
  • Launch of the Integrated Helpdesk (mid-April 2005)
  • Tender selection for design and renovation, furniture and equipment of the IC (April to May 2005)
  • Relocation of existing book collections in the area designated for the IC to other places in the Library (early June 2005)
  • Renovation of the IC and Cafe (June to Aug 2005)
  • Installation of furniture and equipment at the IC (August 2005)
September 2005
  • IC services are available to staff and students on 1 September 2005
October 2005
  • Information Commons Survey 2005
25 June 2007


The Information Commons Working Group

To coordinate the development of the Information Commons, a working group has been set up to:  
  • Develop plans for infrastructure and services of the Information Commons.
  • Provide cost estimates for the development of the Information Commons.
  • Develop a timeframe for the establishment of the Information Commons.
  • Coordinate service implementation of the Information Commons and report its progress to the ILSC.
Membership of the Working Group:
Mr. Owen Tam (Library, Convenor)
Mr. Rosiah Ho (ITSC, Secretary)
Ms Phyllis Au (ELEAC)
Ms Grace Ho (TLC)
Mr. Stephen Ho (CO)
Mr. Kin Wai Foung (Student)
Ms Mabel Mak (SSC)
Ms Siu-lam Tin (CLEAC)
Dr. Lianxi Zhou (Department of Marketing & International Business)
Task forces have also been set up between Library and ITSC to coordinate operations of the Integrated Helpdesk and IT support to the IC.